Gissendanner Photography, Inc. produced literally millions of photographic images during its studio life.  The archives are still privately held today. While all images may not still be in existence, most images produced over the years have been filed away.  Routinely we receive inquiries from previous clients desiring to purchase old negatives, digital files and additional prints from old events and portrait sessions.  If you are interested in purchasing old files we will be happy to try to work with you to complete this transaction.  Please email us and include the following:


1)  Your full name (including maiden name)

2)  Address, City, State, Zip, and contact phone Number

3)  Date of Photography

4)  Location of Photography


In order to purchase archives the purchaser agrees that:

1)  Price for archived work is negotiated based on age of the photography, medium (film or digital), and original contract.

2)  They are the rightful assignee to the images being sold.   This is to protect clients from unauthorized use of their images by others.  

3)  they understand that older negatives, prints, positives, and digital files may have deteriorated over time therefore producing less than optimum results.

4)  archives are sold as is with no guarantees or warrantees expressed.